Hello International Swingers, you are very kind welcome at TEMPLE !!


This will give you a short overview if you are planning to visit our Club "Temple" in the heart of Vienna.
For further information please feel free to contact us with Mail: info@tempel.at

Philosophy of Temple:
Well, we are a fine and comfortable small Club since nearly 15 Years with very fancy ambiente and polite service crew.
Of course we are serious and discrete too!
One of the most important differences from other Clubs, nobody is forced to be naked at our place. You can stay whole night at the Bar even with all your clothes on and nobody will care about. So you can talk to other guests, enjoy your drinks and just look at what`s going on. We offer different rooms on the backside were you will find things like a Séparée or a tight chamber...
Our Crew is English spoken, but also Slovakian/Czech is no problem.

Please dress yourself in a festive or sexy style!
NoGo`s are sneakers or trainers, otherwise you will not be allowed to come in ... sorry !!

Entrance for Couples from 10 Euro to 25 Euro, depending which event.
Entrance for Gentleman: from 25 Euro up to 35 Euro, depending which day or special Event
Entrance for Ladys: FREE
Drinks: Our prices are similar like "normal" Bars or Discos. For example, for one Coke 0,25l we charge 3,20 Euro

Program / Events:
Our usuall Programm is as follows:
Thursday: Pree Weekend Mix Night = Couples & Singles are allowed to come into our Club.
Friday: Party Night = mixed guests, you are also allowed to come alone and meet people!
Saturday: Couple Only Night
= Only couples (man & woman) are allowed to come into our Club, no single man, no TVs

Well, but this is not in stone written. We offer also some special Events! So please be so kind and check also our "Event" Site here at our page.
If you are not able to understand, please feel free to ask by mail or call at our opening times by phone.
Important: "Pärchen" how ever in this case means "couple" and no single man will come in!

Opening Times:

We have open from Wednesday till Saturday (08.00 PM till 01.00 AM)

How to find Temple:
Boltzmanngasse 13, 1090 Vienna => klick here for a Map

How to come to Temple :
easiest way is of course by Taxi (phone +43/1/40100 or +43/1/60160)
If you like to go by public transport, please check here your connections: Wiener Linien
("To" you have to click on "Adress" and fill out "Boltzmanngasse 13")
If you are planning to come by your own car, Parking Places can be found near by the US Embassy

Around our location we have two Hotels near by (walking time 2 Minutes):
Hotel Boltzmann, 1090 Vienna, Boltzmanngasse 8 click for more information
Hotel Bellevue, 1090 Vienna, Althanstrasse 5 click for more information
(please understand that we can`t tell anything about quality, this is just an help, but not a reference for one of those!)

Before you come:
Single Man: Please check our Program on the left sided button "Events"
Normaly Gentlemans are welcome on every night too, exept on "Pärchen Nacht", this is for Couples only.
At "Night of Decadence" Single Man are only a few allowed to come in...
Couples and Ladys are always welcome!

we offer a Guest Book to find people or simply tell everbody that you are planning to come!
(of course you can post in English too!)
Or to share your experiences and to give us a pubilc feedback!

at least, here are some pictures of your Club and how Temple looks inside: click here


The Temple Crew whish you a nice and sweet time at our Club!
With kind Regards

A - 1090 Wien, Boltzmanngasse 13, Phone: +43 /1/ 319 23 13, E-Mail: info@tempel.at